Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wondering What Port Harcourt NYSC Camp Looks Like? Here Goes...

On getting NYSC call up letters,many are left with fear of the unknown. Not on the negative side but their curiosity hits another notch as they start visualising how the place they are is going to look like.

Sometimes,  it is better to be prepared than to just dive in. 

So, for those of you posted to Rivers state NYSC orientation camp, this is how your camp looks like :-)

The pictures on this post are from the just concluded 2014 Batch A NYSC Camp:

Front view of the NYSC camp, Rivers State, Nigeria

Way to Mammi market

Sometimes, the activities can be tiring, anywhere will do as a resting place :-)
One of the camp Commandants

Beside the parade ground

 One of the camp toilets..No shot put :-)

The bathroom and Toilet corridor...adorn with sink and quite neat

A view of the hostel

One of the female corpers at the camp...the short knicker can be an excuse fr bump short sometimes ;-) 
 The Almighty Endurance Trek (Batch A 2014)
 Corpers back from the Endurance Trek

Corpers coming back from the endurance trek

 Checking point at the entrance of the camp

 Front of the OBS studio (The broadcasting studio is a sort of corper radio station)

 At the camp ....
 At the camp ...

 An NYSC Camp official addressing the corpers in one of the sessions at the camp

Corpers preparing for the SAED programme
Corpers decorating the hall for the SAED graduation programme...

The Camp  Hall
 Rows of chairs at the Camp hall

 Another view of the camp hall from the stage

 Gifts presented to corpers who performed well at the SAED Programme

 Before the camp fire night...

Camp fire night
Miss NYSC Rivers State, Batch A (2014
In the background is the NCCF building (left) and the catholic church building (left)

Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Batch A Passing-out Approved Programme of activities. @_nysc @naijacorpers

2013 Batch 'A' Winding-up/Passing-out Approved Programme of activities.

I wish to inform you that Management has
approved the following programme of activities
for the 2013 Batch 'A' Winding-up/Passing-out

1. Tuesday 28th January, 2014 – Wednesday 5th February, 2014

Job Creation and Awareness Week, Sensitization of Corps Members on Job Creation/Opportunities after Service and conditions for issuence of Certificates of National Service. This will be done at the Zonal level using relevant officers.
Lectures/Seminars on Job opportunities by the
National Directorate of Employment (NDE) at
the Zonal level.

2. Thurday 6th February, – Friday 7th
February, 2014
Release of Passing-out Corps Members by
Registration/Clearing of Corps Members.

3. Monday 10th February, 2014
Parade Rehearsal
Signing of Final clearance by Zonal Inspectors.

4. Tuesday 11th February, 2014
Parade Rehearsal.
Signing of Final clearance by Zonal Inspectors.
Debriefing/Evaluation of Service Year.
Administration of Questionnaire (Form 4B) on
5% of the Passing-out Corps Members.

5. Wednesday 12th February, 2014
Final Parade Rehearsal.
State Farewell Party to be presided over by the
Governor of the State.

6. Thursday 13th February, 2014
Passing-out Ceremony to be presided over by
the Governor of the State.
Distribution of Certificates of National Service
to deserving corps members.

7. Wishing you a very successful Winding-up
and Passing-out programme.
Wishing you successful life journey after NYSC with a good job.


Monday, April 8, 2013

NYSC: the Proposals on camp and post camp

My friend asked me how people meet their partner on camp. Actually she wanted to know if I was dating anyone already. Seriously?

Okay to be fair, people do meet their soulmate during NYSC camp or post camp at their respective PPAs. But it sure hard to recognise Mr right when everyone is claded in such prisoner-like uniform- "white and white."

Do you know any couple who met on camp and are now happily married? I'll like to hear their story o!

For example, I'll like to ask the lady if other guys came breathing down her neck with all manners of proposals. Because while I was in camp, I had to avoid guys who suggested 'marriage' every time we hung out. Like seriously, do you meet a lady under 3 weeks and just start telling her to get ready to meet your mother?

Okay guys, try harder. Not every girl will end up in your bed (or wherever spot you choose on camp) just because you 'promise' to marry her. Those empty promises don't work any more.

Ladies, don't be desperate. Let no guy play with your emotions o.

Have fun but don't stay foolish ;-)


Thursday, April 4, 2013

A photo Essay Of 2013 NYSC Orientation Camp, Akwa-Ibom, State

The first three weeks orientation camp has ended with corpers assigned to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

The camp experience is one that many corp members (or prospective corp members) look forward to with great expectation and excitement.

However, aside serving ones’ fatherland; there are various activities designed by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to instill the real crop(vision) of  the exercise into the consciousness of the youth corpers.

Various activities and experiences ranging from the incessant sound of the piccolo/ veego (a trumpet with half the length of tubing as a normal trumpet), the early morning devotion by 5:30 am, early morning jogging/exercise, lectures, parade practices/exercises to queuing at various intervals to sign documents or other stuffs; corp members are trained to fulfill the vision ofthe NYSC programme.

Corp members are expected to imbibe and emulate characteristics such as loyalty, patience, discipline, selfless service, humility, perseverance, amongst others. These characteristics are expected to help corp member not only in their place of primary assignment but also in their future endeavor in life.

I have compiled a photo essay of my experience at the NYSC Akwa-Ibom Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikot Itie Udung, Nsit Atai Local Government. At the bottom of each picture, I have summarised what each picture signify and the activity(ies) each one represents.


Welcome To   NYSC Akwa-Ibom Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikot Itie Udung, Nsit Atai Local Government

Security Members at the front gate of the camp as prospective corp members “obey the clarion call.”


NYSC Kit: Some corp members bidding to change their oversize/undersize khaki

Corp member fetching water at the camp


...under the sun or in the rain; Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve


Parade drills

Skill acquisition: corp members are enjoined to register with a group to learn a skill. The picture here is that of hat/bead making skill acquisition group.

Man O’war activities

One of the handbooks distributed at the NYSC camp for corp members

Endurance trek: NYSC officials (Man O’war) distribute a sachet of glucose to each corp members before the endurance trek activity commence

During the Endurance trek: Na jeje we dey go o…

... the resting place for the endurance trek  after about two hours journey

Corp member rest …..

The Journey continues...

… queuing for the first  federal “allawee” at the camp

Kitchen experience:corp members awaiting their meal at the camp kitchen

Inter-platoon cooking competition; Platoon Nine actually won J 

NYSC Camp officials watch as corpers enjoy their camp bon-fire night

 After the camp-fire night, corp members pick up the pieces of yesterday

Corp members search for their items a day before leaving camp 

Some of the prohibited items seized at the gate of the NYSC camp 


Mammi Market, Akwa-Ibom chapter

 Mammi Photographer stand (Akwwa-Ibom)

Mammi tailors

...waiting for the arrival of Governor Godswill Akpabio on the Passing out parade ceremony

                                      ...original Awa-Ibom woman :-)

                                                             NYSC band: Akwa-Ibom Batch A Corpers

Kitchen Activities: Corp members are usually enjoined to assist kitchen workers in the cooking of camp meals. This is done on a platoon (Group) basis.