Monday, March 4, 2013

Going Camping: I Will Not Lose My Head


"The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets out of it, but what he becomes by it."

-          John Ruskin


Camp for #Batch A 2013 opens on Tuesday and I am getting optimistic about the whole exercise.

Although I was not that keen on taking the adventure in the first place; I have since gotten past the anxiety of going very far from home - to a state where I have never been before. (No, I am not going to say where I am posted to, so keep your fingers crossed on that).

Like it is expected several advise have been given, lot of stories heard with lot of things to look out for , yet one thing is sure – the journey is like an adventure so I hope to have a firsthand experience.

So now, having gotten past the "shock", I am looking at the brighter side of things, looking forward to embracing the whole new experience.

I am hoping to catch more fun than I have in a long while.

However, if you are like me (not passionate about adventure/travelling), here are some of the good sides of the journey that you wouldn't want to miss:

·         Become a self-acclaimed tourist (Travel to see places): you have been working/studying for a long time…. so this is the time to stretch your leg literarily and have some fun… before you begin to take a more responsible journey into the adult world. (Believe me, NYSC prepares you for experience to the real world. it's the passage). Also, some states there is only a few hours from each other.  For example, some states in the east and the north are quite close to each other. So, if you are placed in any state that is as close as that, you have the opportunity to learn new things (culture, traditions etc.). So while the one year NYSC experience gives you the chance to serve your father's land (Nigeria), it also give you the opportunity to live life, travel, sight-seeing, learn and unlearn a lot of things about the place you are posted to carry out your primary assignment.


·         NYSC exercise also give us the liberty to know how things are really are in other places we have heard "so much" about. Our experience, I believe will be the true test of the view/stories or "misconception(s)" of what we hear/have heard about those places.


·         Another thing is that, you will have the chance to put what you have learnt in the classroom (and in your home) into practice for the outside world to see. In other world, it is not only a fun-galore experience, but a chance to prove your worth/sell yourself to the outside world (those that do not know you).


·         Moving out of your comfort zone –At one point in our life, we are bound to move away from experiencing mundane things to extra-ordinary things that will channel us to knowing ourselves more, especially where our strength and weaknesses lies. In other words, experiencing new situations or finding ourselves in a new environment makes us stronger than we give ourselves credit for. So, NYSC is going to bring out that "inner strength" you have doubted yourself of processing.

Other things to achieve also include:


·         Growing  roots ...explore

·         Meeting new people and friends

·         Have a story to tell

·         Get the oppourtunity to serve.- your country, community… contribute your quota  to the society selflessly.

·         Human relation: You learn how to get along with people/individual of different temperament or background

·         Test boundaries … until you move away from your comfort zone , you cant know your strength , weaknesses and limitations


I am keeping my fingers cross to enjoy myself, serve my country and at the same time have fun.

I hope to achieve that and more.

I pray I will not "lose my head" in the process.


Copper OluwaBusayomi Signing out :-)

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