Monday, April 8, 2013

NYSC: the Proposals on camp and post camp

My friend asked me how people meet their partner on camp. Actually she wanted to know if I was dating anyone already. Seriously?

Okay to be fair, people do meet their soulmate during NYSC camp or post camp at their respective PPAs. But it sure hard to recognise Mr right when everyone is claded in such prisoner-like uniform- "white and white."

Do you know any couple who met on camp and are now happily married? I'll like to hear their story o!

For example, I'll like to ask the lady if other guys came breathing down her neck with all manners of proposals. Because while I was in camp, I had to avoid guys who suggested 'marriage' every time we hung out. Like seriously, do you meet a lady under 3 weeks and just start telling her to get ready to meet your mother?

Okay guys, try harder. Not every girl will end up in your bed (or wherever spot you choose on camp) just because you 'promise' to marry her. Those empty promises don't work any more.

Ladies, don't be desperate. Let no guy play with your emotions o.

Have fun but don't stay foolish ;-)


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  1. I heard bout a lady who met her hubby in camp. they didnt like marry immediately but after two years they got married